Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Pet Costume

This past week, I was the proud owner of one of the best costumed dogs in my Pittsburgh neighborhood. Some neighbors up the street sponsered a "Halloween Pet Parade" for all the dog owners on my street. It was a great turnout and I'm happy I had already planned a costume for my little George W.
I was originally going to costume him as George W Bush, giving him a shirt collar and tie. But I didn't think that was cool enough. Instead, I made him a hoodie, created some personalized bling, and voila.....G Money the rapper was ready to go!
While creating the small hoodie G wore, I simply found an old t shirt of my hubby's and cut off the sleeve. Fortunately for me, it fit G's small body. All I had to do was create a hood, give him some neck room, and cut some holes for his front legs to slip through. Easy as pie! What do you think? G-Money was loving it!

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