Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dining Room Chandalier

My dream chandalier is finished, and even the hubby likes it! See October's post for more info.:)
My solution: hang fabric.
The hardest task was trying to find some sort of circle structure that was wide enough to pass over the width of the lamp. JoAnn Fabrics happened to have something I found in the woodcrafting section of their craft department. At 19inch, with a 1 1/2 in thickness, the circle even had predrilled holes in it where I could feed wire through to help suspend my circle. With some measuring of fabric and alittle double faced tape, I was about to able to attach and hang the fabric with ease. Still can't believe I did it!
Total cost: Lamp from Ikea $49.99, craft supplies from JoAnn's approx. $12=win!!!!
Merry Christmas to you all! May you all enjoy special moments like these this holiday.

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