Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It appears that September came and went....without my blog post. So here is one that is simply meant for venting. Hmf. Here's why:
I meant to post on my wedding dress transformation, but alas, I lost that battle because the dress didn't work out as promised. Since I've had little time to myself for the past month, due to a wedding, 2 theatre jobs, a full time job, and my alterations, I struggled to make it work. I wanted a sweetheart neckline and a plunging back. Apparently with my nonexistent chest, the two don't mix. I put everything back together, and basically added lace straps. NOT what I hoped for.
I also made my dining room curtains from the discounted fabric I THOUGHT my hubby liked when I picked it out. I made the curtains....which are way to narrow for my liking, and now I'm not happy with them. Don't even ask my hubby about them.
I also tried to recreate something like this glorious piece.
Unfortunately, I am still working on it. I bought the light in June, had it put up in August. Still not finished, and my hubby doesn't hesitate to tell me.

Could all these failed and unfinished products be a result of too much work? Could it be? It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. It's time to enjoy life! Although my Oct may be much like Sept for me, I've decided to take a trip to the big apple to see a dear friend. Let's hope it happens!

What do you do to put yourself in check?

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