Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mother of the Bride

I had a client this week inquire where her mother could get a nice mother-of-the-bride dress. I don't get this question enough to answer it with as much knowledge as I'd like. The truth of the matter is, MOB's (as I like to call them) often get pushed aside when it comes to this topic. Although, some take it to the extreme. opposite. Yes, I have witnessed MOB's in ballgowns. Oh...come to think of it, I think they were step moms. Coincidence???? I make no comment. I can comment on what kind of dress to get:

MOB's should look great on this joyous occassion as well. My first rule of thumb, however, is to NEVER show up the bride on her wedding day. I love to see MOB's in a more conservative version of what the bride is wearing, but NEVER in the color white! Please don't break this rule! As far as picking a color, it's best not to choose something too similar to the bridal party. The MOB should stand out from the bridal party.

So you are probably thinking, "omg why so many rules? I thought this would be easy?" I don't mean to scare you. As with any dress, for any person, pick a style that fits your body. Pick a color that accents your skin tone, but doesn't clash with the bride or bridal party. My advice is to consult the bride on color. I'm sure she will have an opinion....I did! Just to give you an example, my mom wore "champagne" for my black and white themed wedding. For my sister's navy blue wedding, she wore "periwinkle". Good job, Mom. :)


  1. Good post Katy! While my bridesmaids are wearing Jim Hjelm knee-length strapless dresses that are pewter in the bust and black on the rest, my mother chose a floor-length Love by Enzoani dress in silver with large beading under the bust. It compliments our color scheme but it has a little something extra, I love it!

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