Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Personalizing Your Dress

I apologize for being such a neglectful blogger. I've had a crazy February and it's not gettin any better! Aside from a few alterations, I've been busy organizing a wedding and designing a set. I've also been busy meeting with brides and potential brides in place of my wonderful and talented boss, Katherine Shaw of Trends to Traditions, who is currently on bedrest due to a rough pregnancy. Normally one who is hard to keep down, she has listened to her doctors, and I have been able to step in for her.
So, as I report back to this blog, I report back with exciting news. I have been asked by another wonderful and sweet collegue of mine, wedding enthusiast Jaime Carter, to help make her wedding a little more personal and a little more modest. :)
Jaime's dress has a beautiful V neckline/halter/racerback shape. Sounds confusing. It's not, once you see it. I would post it, but out of respect to my dear friend, you must wait til the wedding day! Regardless, it is "kinda" low cut. OK. It's a plunging neckline with this girl. :) So, she decided we should cover it up with something sparkly and fun, but something that would accent the dress. Does this call for some design experience? You bet! She asked me to step in.....excited!!!!
Jaime and I will meet to discuss the details, but I'll be sure to post the progess. This little decision has helped Jaime to personalize yet another thing for her wedding. I encourage this type of bride behavior. I was one bride that went against the norm with many items in my wedding, however, I wish I had done it with the dress. :( Kudos, Jaime. Way to brave it out. And thanks for trusting me to do it!


  1. Yayyyyyy! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!!!! It's gonna be FUN! And Katherine is LUCKY to have you!

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  3. Came over to see what you were up to and soooo understand how crazy helping out with a wedding can be! Hope it's going/went well :).

  4. Thanks for checking in, Beth! And I read your post you did on the school gym wedding transformation. Kudos to you! I was quite impressed. :)