Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Faux Fur Wraps

I recently had a client incur about faux fur wraps. She was hoping I could make her one, and also 4 more for her bridesmaids for her upcoming winter wedding. As much as I wanted to tackle this project, I reluctantly said "no". Although I have become a more experienced seamstress the more dresses I alter, altering and constructing faux fur is not something I wanted to attempt at such short notice.

Ladies....If you ever need faux fur clothing altered, go to a furrier, not your seamstress. Altering fur is an art. It's not just taking in or the simple "cut and sew". Since we are dealing with long strands of hair, they must be cut a certain way and sewn a certain way. The person working on your piece MUST have fur experience, and it must be a good experience.

Since I was not able to help my client, I quickly turned to the internet to find out where one could get one. Here are a few references I came across in my search.


  1. I'm not looking for a faux fur wrap, but those are great tips! Thanks for sharing!


  2. These kind of wraps are also great for special occassions, not just weddings! You can find them in black and some in gray. :)