Saturday, January 2, 2010

Crinoline Slips


Now that the holidays have come and gone, it's time for me to get serious about the alterations I have to work on for this years' brides. I have been lucky to work on a few more interesting projects this year. I'm currently working on a crinoline for a bride who was looking for an alternative to the $100 crinoline they sell in the bridal stores. Here is a great tip ladies: If you are in need of a crinoline for your wedding gown, find a friend or relative that used one for their wedding, and ask if you can have it! It would be polite to offer to pay her something for it. I would suggest at least $20.

This is just what I offered to do for one of my May brides. Her slip is pictured above. (Note that I had a helper with this one) Her dress requires a full crinoline, but she was not ready to pay $80-$100 for one online or at the store. I found my sister's old crinoline and told my bride I would offer to increase the fullness of this crinoline and sell it to her for a fraction of the store cost. It has been very rewarding working on this project, not to mention a great experience. Because not only am I making it custom fit for her, I have spoken with other girls who have used large crinolines and am learning very valuable advice that I can pass on to you.
If you have chosen to use any type of crinoline slip, there are a few things you should know:
  • Be prepared to pull the crinoline up....all day. Oftentimes, these slips are not made to withstand the length of time the slip is worn and they fall off the waist the longer they are worn. Unless you have your seamstress apply hooks to the dress that will attach to your bra, you are going to be uncomfortable. I guarentee it.

  • Instead of looking for a crinoline at a bridal shop, look online on theatrical or dance attire sites. These crinolines are made to handle lots of movement, and are usually more comfortable. Unfortunately, it is hard to find them longer than 36". If you know someone who works in theatre, even at a local college or university, you would be surprised what they have sitting in stock. If you don't mind renting one, this is your best bet! Give their costume shop a call. High schools rent from them all the time.

  • Ask your seamstress if she knows how to get a hold of one. She has connections that you don't. Don't hesitate to ask! :)

As always, good luck ladies!

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