Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Personal Projects

While I spent a lot of time at home over my short break during the holidays, I made the most of it....for myself:) Normally I am so hung up on everyone else's project, I don't get a chance to create some of that magic for myself. I didn't get to make any clothes for myself, but I did make a few threads for my pup. But what was most fulfilling was the makeover I did on my great grandmother's footstool. Although it was not my best work, it is such a gem to have in my living room. I was able to find the perfect fabric that ties into the room's purple and tan color scheme. As Christmas is a time for giving, the new year is about taking a little time out for yourself. I encourage you all to take on a project or two this year that you would normally not take the time to start.

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