Friday, October 2, 2009

Pet clothes

As the countdown continues for bringing home our new puppy, I can't help but think about his care during the winter months as a small puppy. Many of you that own pets might have considered purchasing a sweater or jacket for your small dog as the winter weather approaches. These items can be purchased at your local pet supply store. However, for my fellow seamstresses and crafters out there, it might feel better to make a homemade custom sweater or jacket instead. There are a number of different patterns you can find either online, or at your local JoAnn fabrics. However, it is important to get the correct measurements of your dog's body. Here are some important areas to measure:

  • Back of neck to the base of tail

  • Circumference of fattest part of belly

  • Floor to belly

Martha Stewart has some great patterns on her website. Here is one that I am going to try.

Some other patterns to try:

If anyone decides to try one for themselves, let me know how you did or if you need any tips!

I also encourage any knitters and crocheters out there to make sweaters as well. Do you have a pattern that have used and liked? Send it my way! Have a great weekend everyone!

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