Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jean alterations

So I'm sure many of you have at least one pair of jeans in your closet that you wish you could wear with your favorite pair of flats, but can't because they are too long. And there might even be a pair that you want to wear with a sexy pair of heels, but they are too short. What do you do? You could spend the money and have each pair altered to fit each pair or shoes you have, but who has the time and money for that?

I have the answer! I recently came across hem tape for jeans. Now, I have used hem tape before on thinner clothing, and I'm not a huge fan. So, I'm anxious to see if these things actually work. http://www.bristols6.com/html/hemtape.php

Check it out and give me some feedback!


  1. I'm curious since all my jeans are just a tad too short!

  2. In that case honey, we need to get you super long jeans! Your legs are just too long :)