Thursday, October 1, 2009

Inspired from Meezymconepiece

So as we pass the time in our glorious boxoffice workday, we decided to incorporate a few of our favorite fashion trends into today's blog. With that said, my good friend Amelia/meezymconepiece has introduced to the world of one piece outfits and all of their various possiblities.

The question is, do they follow in today's fashion trends? or are frowned upon for the upcoming fall/winter season. We came to the conclusion that by adding a few additions,this summer's one piece outfit can now become your go to transitional piece for fall and winter. Here are a few suggestions:


Wear you favorite pair of leggings with a complimenting boot. For a sexy look, pair the leggings with a stremalined heel boot or bootie. For a more casual look, pull out your flat riding boots.


The 80's are back! Boyfriend blazers and bomber jackets are back on the racks. You can even find faux alternatives at your local discount department stores.


Don't be afraid to be bold. Go through your mother's jewelry chest. Layer up lots of chains and slap on those jumbo plate necklaces. Just be sure to pair them with a complimenting neckline.

Spend some time in your closet ladies! You may find a few jems that can be made into a one piece, and/or added to them. Check out these celebrities who are following these trends.

Thanks for MeezyMcOnePiece for coming in today. We look forward to our next interview!

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