Friday, July 23, 2010

Monogram Yard Flag

I found these little cuties while window shopping at Kirkland's this past week and thought to myself....I could make one! So I skipped the $15 price tag and went to JoAnn's for some fabric. I picked up some rip-stop (outdoor friendly fabric) and hurried home to start working. I will save you the angry pics of me trying to get the pattern right and leave you will some brief notes on my process.
First, I went online to find the exact image and size I needed to design my flag. I created a pattern and cut my fabric, putting the black fabric aside.
Next, I drew the monogram design onto the fabric with a #2 pencil.
For those of you that aren't as artistic as myself, I would suggest blowing up the image to the necessary size, then tracing it onto your fabric. Having a lightbox will help speed this process up. A window works just as good, as long as you have tape! Anyways, next step.
I used Scribbles fabric paint to complete the design. It was not as easy to use as I hoped, but it worked. Then, I placed the white fabric onto the black where I wanted it to lay. Stitched the white to the black, giving me the nice, clean black border lines.
This is where I mad. Stitch the flag together allowing for a pocket at the top to slip through your flag pole stand. Top stitch the edges, press, and hang. For more detailed instructions email me at! BTW...cost me $8, and a little aggravation. Well worth it! What do you think?

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