Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trash the Dress?

I recently participated in a Trash the Dress (TTD) debate from SmartBride via Twitter. The debate trash your wedding dress, or not to trash your wedding dress. For those of you uneducated followers, there has been a trend going around that has allowed brides to wear their gown for a photo session, after their wedding day, often in places one wouldn't go to take pics. These places are often dirty, dusty, and even wet. A friend of mine, Jaime, participated in the "wet" session...and it was quite fun! Anywho, since I replyed to the thread, I was entered to win a prize and .... I did!

My reply was something as follows: "I'm not so sure I could be that brave, however, I do realize that I have nothing to lose. Where the heck am I going to wear this dress again? Wait. Epiphany. I could redesign the dress to what I would like it to look like today!"

Make this my summer project....redesign my wedding gown. Maybe by next year I'll be ready to have the "trash the dress" session or professional photo session I didn't get to have with my hubby on our wedding day. Just can't get prego! ;)


  1. That's great Katy! You definitely should do it! You were a beautiful bride.

  2. lol you know how I need about this! I loved doing my trash the dress session!

  3. How fun! What are you going to do to redesign it?

  4. I need to do a drawing! I hope to give it a sweetheard neckline, remove some of the beading, and I would LOVE to add those tiny pleats somewhere, but I can't part with the gorgeous train! Stay tuned! :)