Friday, May 14, 2010

Weddings and Fabric

I've recently been helping a friend of mine plan her wedding and we started to discuss decor. With my love of draping and sewing, I can't help but mention how many different things you can do with fabric to make your wedding day special. Here are a few tips I gave her, which I share with you!

The Ceremony
If you are not getting married in a church, there are a number of other locations you may have chosen. Nine times out of ten, those locations need a little tender love and creativity to make them the focal point they deserve to be. Now, I know it's not about the decorations, but when the photographer is snapping photo after photo of you saying your vows, you don't want the background an eyesore that you will regret years down the road. Here's my advice...hang fabric! My friend was looking for a way to spruce up her ceremony locale and I suggested getting curtain panels from Ikea. She is a modern bride, and Ikea screams modern. Sadly, the bride didn't bite:( I was all about it, however.

The Reception
There are soo many ways to use fabric in your reception. I could write a book.
1 Dress up your tables with specialty linens and overlays.
2 dress up the walls with pipe and drape structures that immediately transform a space.
3 Use fabric to partition part of the room off for a more private, night clubby feel.
4 Be resourceful and use those unwanted bridesmaid dress sashes to drape from the head
table...I totally did this at my sister's wedding.
5 Use fabric as a back drop for a photobooth, which I might add is a favorite among couples this

The possbilities are endless. How have you used fabric to dress up your space?
Doesn't have to be a wedding, so send your comments my way!


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  2. Me and fabric go way back...I frame it, decoupage with it, wallpaper walls with it, wallpaper cabinet fronts with it, drape it, cover with it and make clothes out of it. I also collect it :)