Wednesday, March 31, 2010


No, I don't do alterations on shoes. Although, I secretly wish I did. :) However, I'm seeing a glorious wedding trend involving shoes. It is no secret to know that brides are choosing colored shoes instead of the traditional white or ivory. I love it! I wish I did it for my wedding! It's an amazing way to feature an accent color without wearing it right out in front. I think it's adorable to see a little peek of color coming from the bottom of the dress. It's such a tease!

Jaime, my friend and fellow wedding planner, chose an even cuter choice. She was having problems finding the right size heel and came across the most adorable pair of flats, ornamented with fabric flowers and just the right amount of cuteness. And there's even a peep toe!

Some brides are even taking this trend to more obvious heights. Summer brides are putting their bridesmaids in tea length dresses and different color shoes so the shoes pop, instead of blending into the rest of the attire. A little more bold, but still stylish and chic.

If you are looking for bridal shoes and want to jump on this bandwagon, here is some advice. Don't Google wedding shoes: all you will get are images of white or ivory, crystal accented pumps. Pull up your wedding blogs and search within those sites. Google red wedding shoes, or purple wedding pumps, or even floral pumps. Looking for a brand? One popular choice is Nina: more well known for special occassion shoes, and they run big in size. They have a great variety of shapes and colors to choose from. Another option is good ole Dyeables. You have probably used this company in the past for proms, or when you were a bridesmaid. Only problem is...the dye bleeds with the just the slightest bit of water. Boo. I'm looking into fixing this problem with one of my pairs, so if anyone has some me!

Now as I realized there is just too much to say about shoes. I should probably stop. Tell me your story! What did you feature, or plan to feature for your wedding day shoes!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I am glad I found my shoes, I was about to go postal! Love em! And love these ones you featured!

  2. Thanks, Jaime! And I just realized, all the shoes in the pics have some sort of flower or fluff on them. I love this!

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