Friday, November 6, 2009

Wedding Dress Alterations

Ladies, whether you are getting married in the spring or not, now is the time to think about getting your wedding dress altered. Normally, you must schedule your first fitting at 3 months prior to your wedding day. It is important to do this because your weight and size will most likely be the same then as it will be on your wedding day. It's also just far enough away from the date so your seamstress can take her time altering your dress. There are just a few things to know before going to your first fitting. Here are a few topics to think about:

Shoes-This will affect your hem. Most important thing to bring!
Wedding day undergarments-This will affect the fit of your dress.
Veil-Will help you decide on a bustle.

A basic fitting will most likely include measuring for a hem, bustle, and minor fitting alterations. Basic fittings take at most, an hour. Once you finish all the pinning, you will want to schedule your next fitting. Keep in mind that is normal to have at least 3 fittings when getting your dress altered. Afterall, this is YOUR day and YOUR dress. It needs to be PERFECT! Don't be alarmed if you are asked to come back for several fittings.

Word of mouth is often the best way to know if a seasmtress knows what they are doing. However, if your friend had a simple bridesmaid dress alteration done by this person, such as a hem, do not assume that she knows how to alter a wedding gown. These are 2 VERY different things. When you get to your first fitting, ask the seasmstress if she knows how to do bustles. If she looks confused, and says no.....walk out the door. A good seamstress will talk through what she is going to measure for during the fitting, just by looking at you in your gown. When she discusses the bustle, she should be giving you a number of options you will have with the dress. She should also let you know that different fabrics will only allow you to do so much with your bustle. For more info on bustles....stay tuned for my next blog.

Most often, brides have their gowns altered where they made their purchase. Smaller shops offer alterations at a much reasonable price. This is also the same for private seamstresses. Chain wedding dress stores often raise their prices to accomodate the employees of the store. It's not always the best choice if you are trying to save a buck or two. Their prices are sometimes twice the amount you would pay with a private seamstress. Think about this before they ask you if you want them to do your alterations. They will assume their store will be doing them. So, speak up! Just to have some stats: bustles normally start at $40, hems at $20 depending on how many layers.

Remembering these tips will help you have a pleasant alteration experience. Having your dress ruined by a unexperienced seamstress will bring you to tears. I've seen it happen, but not from me! I have had to fix other people's mistakes and can't believe the work, or lack of work they have put into the gowns. So, know your stuff!

If you have anymore questions, feel free to email me at Happy altering!

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